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I always get a little sad right after the Super Bowl. It bums me out thinking about how there won’t be anymore football until September, but then I remember something wonderful – it is almost time for March Madness. March Madness! I love March Madness. I love that first day when there are like 80 basketball games all going at the same time. I love getting invested in teams that I haven’t watched much throughout the year. I love the game of college basketball and I like it that unlike in the pros the collegians really care about the passing game. I also really like trying to scout who will end up in the NBA. All that being said, my favorite part is, was and will forever be the brackets.

March Madness Brackets – sports, gambling and a logic game all rolled into one. Any given March you can usually find me with seven or eight pieces of paper and a highlighter in my purse and score alerts set up on my phone. Of course that was more so back in the olden days (you know, 2008ish) now I still have all the score alerts, but my pieces of paper have been replaced by apps.

If your bracket “commissioner” (you know, the guy or girl that runs the pool) is a kind soul you are probably playing on a website that will keep track of your wins and losses, and if your brackets are on CBS Sports you can download the CBS Sports Mobile app for free and voila!
You use the same sign in that you use on the website and your brackets will magically appear on your phone!

Yahoo and ESPN have these too, but they may not be accessible until the seedings are announced. This year Selection Sunday will be on March 13th.

There are a ton of places to do brackets online, but if you need to be mobile, and especially if you play as many brackets as I do, the coolest app I have seen is called NCAA® March Madness® On Demand.
I love it because you can import your CBS, ESPN and Yahoo! brackets, you can add your other ones and it will also keep track of your scores against other iBracket players if you want to just play for fun.


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