How to Get Rid of Mice in Attic ?

Get Rid of Mice in Attic

Mice love to stay in the attics of homes, this pest considers the attic the best and safest place to stay. One big problem with mice is that their reproductive rate is very fast, the female mouse ...

Top Lawn Care Tips

Top Lawn Care Tips

Lawn-cutting homeowners go through great pains to keep their lawns in tiptop shape during the summer, keeping them nicely trimmed and watered. But, for some reason, when autumn leaves start to fall, ...

Budget with Back in Black

back in black budget

This app was reviewed in a head-to-head Tap! Twin Test with BudgetBook. Search for BudgetBook to see how it compares. Setting up a budgetrnrnSetting up budgets in Back in Black is simple. ...

review: SoundBytes

review: SoundBytes

"You can slip it in at night, and then when the owner wakes up in the morning and turns on the system, a new video is waiting." Shigeru Miyamoto provokes childish giggles with his explanation ...

Review: LaunchBar 6

LaunchBar 6

LaunchBar is essentially “Spotlight Pro”, enabling you to search your Mac and perform actions on found objects. This update sees a larger, more readable default theme aesthetically matching rival ...

How to Dictate on Your Mac

System Preferences.

Voice recognition on the Mac is nothing new. Years before Siri came to your iOS device – indeed, before there were any iOS devices – it was possible to control your Mac and execute commands by ...

Review: Hanx Writer

hanx writer

My first typing experience was on grandma’s old manual Royal typewriter, a behemoth that eventually became a faithful companion into my late teens. That antique look, the hammering of keys, and the ...

Review: AKVIS SmartMask 5 (Best Deal)

akvis smartmask review

With SmartMask’s powerful tools, you can make perfect selections and intricate masks without damaging your original image. SmartMask has two working modes. “Auto” mode lets you pick areas to keep or ...

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