How to Get Rid of Mice in Attic ?

Mice love to stay in the attics of homes, this pest considers the attic the best and safest place to stay. One big problem with mice is that their reproductive rate is very fast, the female mouse reproduces about hundreds of mice in a year. When mice find your attic comfortable, they can turn it into a mouse producing factory. Mice are known to be very destructive, they can chew anything they come in contact with, even your plastics, bags, cupboards and electrical appliances are not spared.

Mice are not only destructive; they could contaminate your food since they are disease and bacteria carriers. We all know the effect of eating contaminated food; this will put your health in danger. You can get rid of mice by using one of the most reliable and best mouse trap bait. Explained below are some effective mouse traps and poisons.


The best baits for mouse trap

When you lay a trap, you need to put baits that will lure rats or mice into the trap. Bait is a portion of food that attracts rats or mice into a trap. You do not just use any type of bait to lure rats or mice; the type of rodents you want to trap determines the type of bait to use. Below is the best bait you can make use of to trap rats or mice

Cat and dog food

This bait is good for Norway rats, they are more sensitive to this bait due to the fact that dog food has a very strong smell. Norway rats love strong-smelling cheeses and pet food.

Peanut butter

The peanut butter is one of the best baits for mouse trap, rats or mice find the smell of peanut butter irresistible. Most rat poisons now contain the flavor or aroma of peanut butter. Due to its sticky nature, rats have difficulty sneaking it out of traps.


This bait is very good for black rats; these rats love all kinds of fruits except rotten ones. So make sure you change your bait from time to time if you are using fruit as bait.

Candies and chocolates

Mice love chocolate a lot. Candies and chocolate are one of the best baits for mouse trap. When you use this bait, you can be assured that rats and mice will visit the trap and get caught.

Things to Consider before Buying a Mouse Trap Bait

Various kinds of baits can help you get rid of mice and rats in your house but you must consider some things before you get mouse trap bait. Mouse trap baits come in different smell, shape, and size; therefore you need to know the type of bait that meets your requirements.


Understand the mice

Before getting any mouse trap bait, you need to understand the kind of rodents you are dealing with. Rats and mice are very swift to hearing and they have good vision and a very exceptional sense of smell. Therefore you need to understand the type of rodents you are dealing with.

The effectiveness of the bait

Before you get a mouse trap bait you need to check out its effectiveness. This is so because good quality baits are made in a way the nervous system is attacked and as such results to death within two days or less.

The smell

Mice have a good sense of smell, this is the major reason you go for bait with an attractive smell that will lure a mouse into the trap.

Consider the quality

You must understand the quality of the mouse trap bait you want to use. Make sure you pay attention to any hazardous ingredients present in your bait.


Mice and rats are very flexible. They can squeeze themselves into very tiny places to get food. Make sure you use a small trap that can house any type of bait you plan to use. Mice are very crafty, therefore ensure your mouse trap bait is well placed.


Mice and rats can be eliminated in the attic; this solely depends on the type of mouse trap bait you opt for. If you want to eliminate mice in your attic, you can consider any of the products we have reviewed. Make sure you seal up holes in your house before using the mouse trap so that you can eliminate the rats and mice in the house. With these best mouse traps and poison, be assured of a rodent-free home.


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