Dropbox Launches Document Previews, Makes It Easier to Share Photos

Hopes to become more “content-focused” with latest features update

Dropbox, which Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently described as “a fine little startup”, on Wednesday previewed a set of new features it believes mark the company’s shift from having a “file-system centric view to a more content-focused view.” Meant for the Web version of the company’s cloud storage service, these new features should be available to all of the company’s 100 million-odd users within the next month.

Chief among the features the company unveiled at a special event at its San Francisco office Wednesday is the ability to preview certain file types without having to actually download them. The files currently supported by the Document Preview feature include Word, Powerpoint and PDF documents, with support for Excel documents likely to be available sometime during the future.

Dropbox is also changing the way it handles photos, allowing them to be grouped into albums and shared en masse instead of one by one. Further, photos can now be viewed as thumbnails in a chronologically ordered grid.


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