Quirky rock star portraits for Rolling Stone

Illustrator Victor Melamed has created some amazing portraits of rock stars from Hendrix to Bjork. Take a look at our favourites…  The rich and the famous get a quirky illustrative makeover

These days, a simple photograph of your favourite pop star just won’t do. Magazines are commissioning more and more illustrators to create quirky and original portraits of the rich and the famous for an array of articles and features. We love these brilliantly eccentric creations from Victor Melamed for Rolling Stone magazine.

An illustrator and teacher at Moscow’s British Higher school of Art and Design, Victor has been working with publications for a number of years. He started working in illustration back in 1997, before being snapped up in 2004 by the Russian edition of Rolling Stone to create original illustrations for each monthly issue.

The portraits include the likes of Nick Cave, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Bjork. We love that Victor manages to convey the artist’s personality whilst still maintaining his own illustrative style. After looking through these, it’s clear why Rolling Stone have kept him on board for all these years.


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