Koingo Software MacPilot 5.0.4

If you think that customising how your Mac behaves begins and ends with the System Preferences, you couldn’t be more wrong. Hidden away, there are hundreds of other options for both the system itself and every application, accessible only via commands typed in the Terminal.

MacPilot allows users wanting to tweak their computer to do so without having to reach for the command line. It includes options for all of Apple’s bundled apps, plus the Finder, as well as a wide range of common third-party software packages. Want to disable the Dashboard, so it no longer shows? Instead of typing ‘defaults delete com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled’, you simply select it as an option in MacPilot, change your default – and goodbye Dashboard.

MacPilot includes the ability to tweak other hidden settings, such as how your Mac manages power, enabling and disabling the Spotlight menu, and more. It also gives easy access to common maintenance functions like fixing disk permissions and clearing certain caches.

Overall, MacPilot is a tweaker’s paradise. Yes, there isn’t much that you can do here that can’t just be done with the command line and lots of work tracking down options on Google. But MacPilot makes it easier, quicker, and much more fun to explore. At around £12, MacPilot is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to fine-tune everything about their Mac.

OS X 10.6 or later
Intel Mac, 36Mb disk space


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