Mac Data Recovery Guru Review

Recovering files is something every Mac user needs to do sooner or later, and Mac Data Recovery Guru 2.0 aims to make the task quick and simple. It can work with any device that your Mac can mount, including Windows file systems, USB drives, CDs and DVDs. The developers claim it can also sometimes work with damaged disks that refuse to mount at all.

The interface is a simple single window. Once you run a scan, the application searches through your drive, and sorts what it finds into folders for each type of file. Scans aren’t fast – a 128GB SSD took a little under 45 minutes to complete – but once one is completed you simply select the files you want to recover and choose to save them. Although recovered files can be saved to the same drive, this isn’t recommended.

Unfortunately filenames aren’t recovered, which makes it harder to determine exactly what files you want to recover. And at £64.50, it’s not a cheap way of recovering files. However, peace of mind comes with the free trial that lets you see what files it can retrieve.

Free Any Data Recovery Software - Recover lost data from hard drive/CF/SD/USB/camera [Download]

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