A New Way Fitness Trackers Wearable

Wearable tech is proving to be this year’s big thing, and is likely to grow even more popular with the release of iOS 8 and its HealthKit app. And along with new wearable gadgets, third-party accessories will surely follow.

As a Fitbit user, I really like the Griffin Sleep | Sport Band. It’s far more comfortable and versatile the arm band I got with my Fitbit One. It’s compatible with a wide range of fitness trackers too, including the Fitbit Zip, Fitbit Flex, Misfit Shine, Sony Smartband and more.

Your tracker sits in a protective pocket, behind a black mesh. This lets it look pretty stylish when in place, but allows you to read the display when necessary. The silver detail is made from reflective material for extra visibility, but it would be unwise to rely on something so small – if you go jogging after dark, wear a high-visibility top.

Arguably the best feature offered by Sleep | Sport Band is that it can be used as either an armband or a wristband. With the extension fitted, it’s wide enough to fit over your upper arm for sports, or without it, you can wear it around your wrist for sleep or day-to-day use. Either way, it’s very comfortable (even when you’re sweating) and fastens securely with velcro.

At £14.99, Griffin’s Sleep | Sport Band is great value for money, and certainly a step up from the band I got supplied with my Fitbit One. I used to wear my tracker clipped to my trousers, but now I prefer it around my wrist. It never gets in the way, and there’s no danger of my putting it through the wash now.


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