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Plastic Coat Hangers Bulk

After going shopping, you may need to open space in the closet for the new gear. These plastic heavy duty hangers for clothing are specially designed to sort pieces of fashion without going through chaos.

The best all-purpose hangers are Bed Bath & Beyond’s Heavyweight Hangers a pack of 12. They’re sturdy and durable, and “perfect for a simple closet of t-shirts and button-ups,” says our writer who’s testing a full range of hangers for our soon-to-come guide. They also have an accessory strap for scarves, belts and other outfit accoutrements.
If you’ve got a lot of strappy tees and dresses, supplement the BB&B pick with this Closet Complete set of no-slip velvet hangers. The Closet Complete have a notch for tank tops and sleeveless dresses, which are liable to slip off the Heavyweight Hangers.

Plastic Coat Hangers Bulk
A quick word on proper hanging and the best way to get the most out of your hangers and the longest life from your clothing: For t-shirts, pull the t-shirt over the hanger, don’t stretch out the neckline. Button up at least every other button for button-ups, except for the top one, which creates a more natural-fitting hang. For dresses, make sure the shoulder seam sits flat on the hanger.

Plastic Coat Hangers Bulk
Plastic Coat Hangers Bulk


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