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Advanced First Aid Kit Contents List

Developed for a wide range of users, the 38-piece Medique 40038 portable first aid kit is ideal for keeping in your car, on your backpack, or in your purse. It is also useful for sports teams when you need to treat small injuries.

College comes with its own share of pitfalls, from drunken pratfalls to the first time sick-away-from-home, and we recommend the piece Medique 40038 Pocket First Aid Kit, one of the highest-rated simple first aid kits on Amazon, as an inexpensive kit to keep in your closet or dresser.
It’s got plenty of bandages, two gauze pads, antiseptic pads, painkillers and antibiotic ointment—more than enough to keep you safe while you trek to the health office.

Advanced First Aid Kit Contents List
Advanced First Aid Kit Contents List


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