How to clean bottom of pots and pans

  1. I recently stopped by to see Jack Bishop one of the hosts at the fabulous TV show “America’s Test Kitchen” to get the 101 on pots and pans.
  2. The first thing you need to know is what materials are best at conducting heat evenly.
  3. A cast iron pot does it best but foods can be reactive with the metal. So while it is inexpensive it may not be the best for all types of cooking. Jack likes it for searing meats. It is heavy though so expect a good workout.
  4. You can buy an enamel pot, which is pricey but acts the same way as the cast iron and is easier to clean. Jack recommends it for stews, soups even pasta. He likes it because it can also go into the oven and then right to the dinner table. Downside? It is even heavier than the cast iron.
  5. Stainless steel pots are probably the cheapest. Jack doesn’t have much use for them at all. He says they are too lightweight and do not conduct heat well.
  6. His favorite? Clad pans. They contain 3 layers of metal, are easy to clean, and conduct heat beautifully.
  7. Non-stick pans are probably the most popular. We love to use less fat and have an easy time with clean up. Jack likes them for select cooking such as eggs or fish. The problem is the surface scratches easily and once that happens you need to toss your pan.
  8.  Stainless or clad pots with lots of gooky grime can easily be cleaned up by adding water to the pot and putting it on the stove. The particles will start to loosen and all you have to do is wipe it around.
  9. For a real mess on the back of a pan that would take hours of elbow grease? How about taking the pan to the garage or an open space and spraying oven cleaner? Use rubber gloves and wipe clean!
  10.  An old cast iron pot that has rusted can be cleaned in seconds. Take oil and spread on the pot. Heat the oil and add kosher salt. Take a paper towel and make a paste with the oil and salt. The rust comes right up. Don’t use much water on the cast iron. Once clean, rub the pot with clean oil and put away
  11. Never put pots and pans in the dishwasher. They will scratch and not last.


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