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How to decorate bedroom for romantic night

Try a switch.

Rotate accessories from other rooms to create a new look. For example, transfer a vase of flowers from the bay window of your kitchen to the fireplace mantel in your family room.

Rug trick.

Spice up your beige carpet with a bright-colored area rug centered on the family-room floor.

Focus on windows.

Maximize natural sunlight by opening blinds and shutters during the day. Accent window coverings with cheerful trims.

Personalize the decor.

Bring together items with common themes in one location in your family room. If you’re into golf, for instance, dedicate an area of your room to a display of prized golf balls, tees, and a framed photo of your favorite course.

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How to decorate bedroom for romantic night
How to decorate bedroom for romantic night


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