Its better to give than to receive

We have a reason for you to ask for what you want—in the bedroom.

Next time you’d rather see him do more of the work in bed, drop this factoid: Being on the receiving end of oral sex puts men at risk of getting a painful condition called urethritis, a new study says.
Urethritis is an infection or inflammation that causes pain at the tip of the penis and makes it hurt to pee. Sexually transmitted bacteria are often to blame, but Australian researchers found that typically harmless germs in the mouth are also a common cause—but only for men: There’s no evidence mouth germs cause any kind of infection in women.

Drinking lots of water can dilute the urine and dull the pain, and over-the-counter pain medicines can help. If symptoms don’t go away within a day or two, urge him to see his doctor. Though it sounds scary, urethritis doesn’t lead to more serious problems like infertility, experts say. But if you’re not feeling generous, you can keep that little factoid to yourself.


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