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Thinkbaby No Spill Sippy Cup

All Thinkbaby products are free of - bisphenol-a (BPA)

The Thinkbaby No Spill Sippy Cup easily earns top marks from reviewers focusing on eco-friendly products. Designed with a soft, silicone spout that feels similar to a nipple, babies more readily accept the Thinkbaby Sippy Cup when first transitioning from the bottle, reviews say. The handles are removable, although parents say babies grasp the cup easily with and without the handles. There are some complaints of leaking cups, which seems to occur more frequently when the handles are attached.

Thinkbaby The Sippy Cup, Light Blue
All Thinkbaby products are free of - bisphenol-a (BPA)

Parents also say that the Thinkbaby Sippy Cups do not have a vacuum-control device, so the spout tends to collapse while a child is trying to drink from the cup. Thinkbaby Sippy Cups are on the expensive side, but parents who have been using Thinkbaby Bottles may purchase a less expensive conversion kit (*Est. $7 per kit) which includes one set of handles and two silicone spouts) to convert their bottles into sippy cups. For babies who have already transitioned from a bottle, the Playtex Insulator Cup (*Est. $5) rarely leaks, has insulated walls to maintain cooler beverages and costs about half as much as the Thinkbaby Sippy Cup.

We found the best reviews of the Thinkbaby Sippy Cup from, which contains a searchable database of dozens of sippy cups and other products tested and rated for safety. names the top sippy cups, although no formal rating system is used., and each include the Thinkbaby Sippy Cup in non-professional comparison tests, and we also consulted owner-written reviews on

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  • Removable handles
  • Silicone spout eases transition
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to grasp
  • Kit available to convert old bottles to sippy cups
  • Expensive
  • Single style/color
  • May leak with handles improperly aligned
  • Spout may collapse
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Thinkbaby No Spill Sippy Cup
Thinkbaby No Spill Sippy Cup


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