Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys: Perfect Partner for your Kids Teething

As from the name it is a simple toy which helps in the teething process of your child. According to the research most of babies start sprouting their first teeth  when they are in between 4 to 7 month old. So, in this period of teething these keys help your babies to be pain free during teething. Need of teether is that during teething baby feel Irritability or crankiness in their gums and its icy gel formulae helps to eliminate these issues.


Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

About Nuby Ice gel Teether Keys:

As, I above mentioned it is a teething toy which helps your baby in the teething. This is a set of different and vibrant colors of keys which are hanged with a ring. Nuby teether provide soothe to the gums of baby when their teeths are erecting. These keys are cool in temperature just like ice gel, so it will more comfortable for the gums. Not only for teething its structural design will exercised the hands of your baby.

Specification of Nuby Ice gel Teether Keys:

  1. It is a multi functioning teether as it stimulates your baby’s hands, gums and teeth as well.
  2. It offers multi teething surface because its ring area and top area of keys is also created with soft textured material, so with soft toy material it doesn’t erupt the sprouting of teeth from delicate baby’s delicate gums.
  3. According to researchers mostly the teething process continues to almost 3-4 months and this toy durability is above 3 months.
  4. Its name is not only Icy but it built with PurIce technology which let the toy stay cooler for longer period. Its cool factor provide soothe to the gums.
  5. As this toy is for infant babies, so the makers make it BPA free(BPA is a chemical which is mostly present in plastic)
  6. Its structure is very handy and comfortable for the little hands of your baby.

Why Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys:

Babies loved to chew toys when they are below 1 year. The reason behind why they like to chew toys because it provide relief and some some comfort to their gums because during the process of teething its important to provide soothing to their gums , so with the help of teethers we can soothe their gums , as its results teether eliminates the irritation and crankiness from their gums . Now why , I prefer Nuby Ice Gel Teether because it built with PurIce technology , so its texture is more cooler and its temperature will also be remains cool for longer time period.

It is health safe for your baby because it is free from BPA chemicals.

It is manufactured with different and vibrants color which attracts the babies.

This teether comes with a round grip, so they are easy for a baby to grip and hold before they bring it to their mouth.

Its structure is gently manufactured to provide a soothing surface for massaging irritated gums.

How it will Provide Comfort to the Baby:

As , I above mentioned that during teething their ids discomfort in the gums of child. When the new teeths are erecting it create pain and many times baby’s stop eating food or start refusing food, in short it create irritation and discomfort to the child. And this is not a good sign for baby’s  health. So, it became necessary to provide soothing to the baby’s gums in order to eliminate pain from their gums. This teether built with child friendly and attractive material which also contains the technology which let it cooler for more period. With this type of teether they feel relief during teething.

Material’s Details:

  1. Free from BPA
  2. Free from Phthalate
  3. Free from PVC
  4. Free from  Latex

Things to be Cared:

Wash in warm water using mild liquid soap and rinse thoroughly and wash it after when your baby threw it after playing with this teether.

After washing put it into refrigerator.

As it is dishwasher free, so you can wash it in your dishwasher.

Conclusion :

An icy teether toy for your infant child who just going to erect his first teeth. So, your child will be free from pain, irritation and  all the other problems  during teething which results in the good health of child and make him more happier.




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