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God games typically thrive on giving you the power to mold vast civilizations however you see fit. Unsurprisingly, juggling too many moving parts can sometimes be more stressful than fun.

To that extent, Pixel People lets you lord over an adorable pixelated city realm, but it never quite lets go of the reins to give you complete control. For some, this streamlined take on SimCity-style games will be a welcome change of pace.

Your role in Pixel People is less deity and more mad scientist. Most of your focus is spent splicing genes to create new types of citizens to populate your tiny city. With 150 different job types to unlock, this puzzle-like process of genetic tinkering is simple and addictive. Each citizen plays a different role too, allowing you to uncover new crazy combinations and build out your cityscape with additional structures. Plunking your people down in different building locations lets you mine cash to expand your city, build social relationships between characters, and expand your resource pool. Thankfully, none of this is very complicated, and it only takes a few minutes to get into the flow of building and tinkering.

Pixel People for iPhone

Pixel People for iPhone

oosting your population cap requires new structures to house people in, and you can easily move buildings around to re-design your city layout as it grows. Parks, wildlife, roads, and other accoutrements unlock as you go, giving you some additional options for designing your dream worlds. While your cash flow is determined by how well your city is functioning, you can get a quick cash infusion or speed up the time it takes to splice genes by spending pink utopium. This time-saving substance can be purchased within the app to hurry things along during the slower stretches spent waiting for timers to tick down, but it’s not necessary to enjoy the Pixel People experience.



The bottom line. It may not be as involved as other simulation genre offerings, but Pixel People’s adorable take on city building and gene splicing makes for good times with a casual focus.

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