Weight lifting for women

You’ll probably benefit most by using weights you can lift only a few times. While lifting light weights over and over will build muscular endurance, the real payoff of weight training — strong bones — seems to call for using weights that are heavy enough to tire you out pretty quickly.
While the ideal poundage varies from person to person, you can use fatigue as your guide. Aim for eight to 12 reps, and if you’re huffing and shaking by the last three, you’re in the right zone.

Of course many women are reluctant to take on big weights, believing that route leads to bulk. But they needn’t hold back: Women just don’t have enough testosterone in their bodies to impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger.Instead, a consistent lifting regimen of two or three sessions a week is likely to make your muscles shapely and slim — not bulging and bulky. And what’s even better than looking great in a tank top is having a tough, healthy skeleton that lets you stay active for decades to come.What’s the best approach to weight lifting


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