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Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mugs (Best Deal in US 2019)

Vacuum means the air between the outer and inner layers of stainless steel has been removed to create a vacuum insulation.

Zojirushi’s Stainless Mug best coffee mugs remains our favorite for keeping coffee hot all day long, beating out six other models in our tests. It’s also easy to use with one hand and can lock easily, so you can toss it in your bag without worrying about leaks or spills.

If you want to carry your coffee around, the $32 Zojirushi Stainless Mug will keep it hot all day. In our testing, it beat out six other models, keeping coffee at least 20 degrees hotter after eight hours than its closest competitor. You can drink out of it one-handed—no fumbling for the lid latch here—and it still locks easily and efficiently, meaning it won’t spill in your bag on the way to class.
We also love that you can use it for cold liquids, too; no, that’s not the intended use, but when we tested it with cold liquids, the temperature rose only 4 degrees, the best performance of any of the models we looked at. Yes, it’s expensive, but it will last you a long, long time, through college and after. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you can’t do better.

Zojirushi SM-SA48-BA Stainless Steel Mug, Black, 16-Ounce

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Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mugs (Best Deal in US 2019)
Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mugs (Best Deal in US 2019)


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